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About Us

GreenBridge is an information platform which covers food safety issues, environmental efforts and the market circumstances needed for a more sustainable farming. Our vision is that it becomes easier for farmers and consumers to produce and buy sustainable food. We are convinced that organic agriculture is a key for a more sustainable production.

GreenBridge will be consequently written in Chinese and English and concentrates on the trading and production market (B2B). We invite experts to share their innovative opinions and we will spread their word beyond language borders. We also would like to bridge scientific information and set it into business opportunity-context. This should foster sustainable investments in a country where huge green-tech investments are done, but where there is still a lot of investment potential on the smallholder side. Improving the market transparency will not only foster green investments, but also leverage the quality in general. Quality is a crucial point, as the consumer trust has been shaken by many food scandals. Organic farming, more market transparency and identifying the true (environmental) costs will be good for everyone – consumers, farmers and the environment alike.

Examples where we try to give added-value by “green bridging”:

  • Bridging the B2B organic market to the consumer retail market through more transparency and quality measures promotion
  • Bridging market information and educational information between Chinese < > English Language
  • Bridging the dialogue between Conventional < > Organic Certified Producers by having a focus on innovative & environmentally friendly business opportunities strives to publish information that give relevant value to the three Bridging Dimensions of Business, Policy and Science.


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GreenBridge International is a Swiss-based association. Our association incorporates our values and goals and acts as guideline for the GreenBridge country organizations in China.


Supporting Organization
GreenBridge is a non-profit venture that has developed out of AgraChina. More information: